Resources for Ace Survivors

Es gibt eine neue Webseite mit vielen Ressourcen fuer Menschen (aus dem asexuellen Spektrum), die sexualisierte Gewalt erlebt haben:

Resources for Ace Survivors aims to help asexual spectrum (ace) or questioning people who have experienced sexual violence by providing resources that are relevant to them, creating a supportive community for sharing experiences, and promoting greater understanding through education and awareness efforts. We also provide resources for those who support ace survivors, including partners, friends, family, therapists, and advocates.

We aim to…
. compile information specific to ace survivors as well as general information for people who have experienced sexual abuse or domestic violence
. provide community for ace survivors and facilitate conversations between ace survivors about the issues they face
. maintain a list of people willing to talk to ace survivors of sexual abuse
. run a variety of projects related to ace survivors
. amplify the voices of ace survivors through our blog